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Nine Beats : Steve Bassett’s Interview for the Nine Beats Collective

nine beats collective


Nine Beats : Steve Bassett’s Interview for the Nine Beats Collective

Nine Beats : Steve Bassett’s Interview for the Nine Beats Collective, read more about this album and project.

Can you tell us about the beginning of your career, an anecdote, a click that has made you pushed you to start?

I’m a lyricist, creative director, documentary maker and storyteller who has worked in over 40+ countries so far and I’m still finding new ones to explore. The point where culture, arts and spirituality collide has always intrigued me, as well as wanting to tell stories that connect with our common humanity.  A lot of my work starts intuitively with a gut feel that there are things just out of sight, hiding just under the surface and on the edges that may be a hint to the future.

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, team work)

We started planning this a couple of years ago and then, with MOBO award winning producer Tony Bean at the helm, writing and recording the NINE BEATS album took place over several months. To capture the ‘vibe’ of each artist, we decided to record in their home city, extending the Collective to include brilliant engineers, session players and vocalists. Via NY, Chicago, Minneapolis, & LA in USA, to Kampala Uganda, Copenhagen Denmark, and Birmingham, Worcester & London UK, the soundscape was pieced together. It became a double album, a real concept piece and I’m especially loving the vinyl with all the artwork and drama!

Right now we are launching in East Africa, UK, USA. We’re really excited to be making moves in mainland Europe, with all the diversity of countries represented.

What is your next news? Things to come?

NINE BEATS has a lot going on! In November, some of us will be on the West Coast USA touring in San Francisco, LA and San Diego. There’s TV interest in Europe, so we’re looking at dates and getting diaries synched up. Next year we are lining up festivals in France, Germany and The Netherlands, a UK mini tour, more events in the USA and keeping an eye on how things develop in East Africa.

Right now our focus is on the Euro Mix of ‘Wild World’ which is the first Euro single off the album, as well as dropping the full album « Nine Beats to the Bar » The response so far has been just awesome !

What is the goal of the Nine Beats collective?

Like all ideas, Nine Beats started as a tiny spark. A wondering, a reaching out for something. It was a feeling that a new “beat generation” was rising to challenge old ways that have run their course and failed in their promises. What if the wisdom the nine ancient sayings known as the beatitudes could speak right here, right now? What if these words were found to be tender not toxic, inviting not divisive, a welcome not a weapon? What could that mean to our lives in the face of this wild, wild world? What if a soundscape album was the way to bring these sayings to a new generation. It just seemed like it was the right time for this concept – I’m interested to learn if people out there agree!

With the Internet, talent today has great freedom to discover their works to the public, what are the means / tools that you recommend?

Wow, a big question !  The usual suspects I guess, Spotoify, Instagram, Facebook, and all the music platforms –  but the challenge is getting seen and heard. The platforms are just tools and without promotion won’t go far. Spotify Playlists are an opportunity. Sometimes we haven’t appreciated how much work the record labels used to do, with having social media and digital teams working full time on a release so that means we have to work harder to do it ouselves.

What do you think about artists who distort their stats by buying views orstreaming?

I believe in being real, in running the long race, and in being a great secret people discover and share because they get the vibe. I guess some might want to push it, but for the independent artist, a tiny seed can grow on its own, just takes longer. This is a long run project. Some boosting is legitimate and accepted and helps you get seen, so it’s no different than paid advertising and it won’t lie about your stats. Your reputation is hard to build but oh so easy to cancel or destroy. Sometimes we’re too quick to click.

Become famous, a goal or outcome in your opinion?

I don’t think it’s either. Just focus on making great music, work hard to connect it to the right people and anything else is just an adventure. Outcome ? goal ? Hmm, how about accident !? When getting famous is your goal, it tends to have toxic side effects ; when it’s an objective it can take away from the core of the craft. Ha, I guess that’s easy to say when you’re not famous ! But, NINE BEATS is an exciting ride and there’s more to come!


  1. Awakening
  2. Call ‘em Out
  3. Blessed are the Undead
  4. Flame
  5. #blessed
  6. Wild World
  7. Purgation
  8. 9/8
  9. Child 613
  10. Kosi
  11. Tread Softly
  12. Lament
  13. Song for the Earth
  14. Illumined
  15. The Beatitudes
  16. What can Love Create ?
  17. Towards the Sun
  18. Letting it Go
  19. Serenity
  20. 9Beats Theme
  21. Union
  22. The Way of Peace
  23. In Recovery
  24. Nine Beats to the Bar
  25. Farther
  26. Give in to the Love


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