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KATIE BELLE : Back To California, new single + interview !

Katie Belle


KATIE BELLE : Back To California, new single + interview !

For the release of her new single Back To California in France, we have an exclusive interview for you from Katie Belle !

Katie Belle, can you tell us about the start of your career, an anecdote, a trigger that prompted you to get started?

I have always wanted to be a singer.  If I have the story right I’m pretty sure I was humming before I could talk.  By the time I was 12, I had already blown through 5 or 6 karaoke machines.  There was no real trigger or “ahh ha moment” when a light bulb went off inside my head and everything suddenly made sense.

I believe the passion for singing has always been inside of me.  Of course, as I’ve gotten older and been able to have more experiences on stage, in recording studios, and developing my style; then my love for music and all that comes along with it has grown.  There is a feeling of great joy from being on stage, chasing moments and emotions that only performers get the honor to feel.  It’s a blessing for me to call music my life, it’s pure magic!.

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, teamwork)

Right now, my team and I are mostly focused on promoting my new single called “Back To California”.  We also plan on releasing a dance mix Latin version of B2C with having an expected release date in August followed by the release of another single which is off of my debut EP that will be released sometime early next year.

I recorded my songs in San Diego, California at Track Star Entertainment with renowned producer Josquin Des Pres.  Overall, I have an amazing team of which includes my production company, my management, a social media manager and working with established songwriters.

I also receive wonderful support from my friends, family and fans!  Unfortunately, I’m not doing a whole lot of rehearsing right now because live shows aren’t 100% back up and running.  I hope to start touring before the end of the year!  Once I get this next single out then I plan on getting back in the studio to start working on my next project.

Do you do live music? How is it going? Do you have an agent or a turner / booking contract ? YES!

I do!  Right now, I’m the lead female vocalist for “Color the Night Band”.  We are currently performing at private shows like weddings and corporate events.  I enjoy working with the band because we sing a variety of songs and it keeps me on my “vocal toes”!  Whenever the covid restriction gates open up a little more then I plan on getting back to doing live shows with public audiences and bigger crowds so that I can perform my new single “Back To California”.  I don’t have a booking agent at this time.  We book all my shows and events through my management team.

What’s your next news? Things to come?

I have a lot more music coming out!  I’m most excited about my next single, it speaks to me and I have a good feeling it will speak to you guys too #staytuned!  Other things my team and I are working on is for me to go on a European radio tour, possibly in the Fall, to promote my upcoming single releases.  It’s possible that we might tour throughout California, as well.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give to a young talent for? Find one?

I am working under the label of Track Star Entertainment in collaboration with Worldwide Entertainment Consultants right now!  I don’t really recommend searching or pushing for a record deal too hard.  I think things like that come to you when it’s time.  Obviously, do your research and set goals but my best advice is to just do your thing and create your art until the right opportunity or deal comes along.  There are a ton of artists who achieve success as an independent!  There’s no rule that says “you’ll only be successful in this industry if you get signed”.  Every artist’s journey is different.

With the Internet, talents today have great freedom to share their works to the public, what are the means / tools that you recommend?

Social media is obviously the best digital way to connect these days because of its reach to audiences across the world but I always believe in creating as many relationships as you can, in person.  Go to events, open mics, work with local songwriters and collaborate with other artists, connect near and far!  I also believe hard work is just as important as making connections with others.

What do you think of artists who distort their stats by buying views or streaming?

I think that kind of approach is unfortunately a byproduct of how competitive and over saturated the music industry is right now.  Numbers are everything and anyone can make music so it’s understandable why artists are willing to pay for views and likes just to portray themselves as being higher on the totem pole.  I think it’s a toxic trend in our industry and artists should focus more on who they really are and what they really have to say, the numbers and views will follow.

Becoming famous, a goal or an outcome in your opinion?

Definitely, an outcome.  When I was younger I used to romanticize about it but with the small taste of it that I’ve achieved then I’ve realized it comes at a high cost.  Fame is one of those things you can only really worry about when it actually happens because there’s no way to prepare yourself for it.

It’s exciting to think millions of people could know your name and how much influence you’d have to make a difference with that power; however, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with it, as well.  Everyone feels like they know you and feel entitled to give their opinion when they really don’t know anything at all, and that’s where it gets a little weird for me.  What I would honestly say is that I want to be successful.

I want to achieve milestones with each and every song release.  I want to look back and see how far I’ve come and to see how much I’ve grown as an artist.  I have a mantra “ 2 steps forward one step back” even at the end of a bad day you are still a step ahead!  That’s SUCCESS!

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