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Matiss Evreoux : Interview for the release of I’m Afraid Of The Kitchen

Matiss Evreoux


Matiss Evreoux : Interview for the release of I’m Afraid Of The Kitchen

If you don’t know the Californian artist Matiss Evreoux, take a couple of minutes to discover his new songs and his univers.

Matiss Evreoux, can you tell us about the beginning of your career, an anecdote, a click that pushed you to start?

I was 15 and hired a producer to help me with my songs and I ended up having a huge crush on him, his name was Pablo.

I felt very comfortable with him and he taught me a lot, I just liked being near him, even-though he was straight and way older and it was never going to happen, I def got very involved in the production process because I wasn’t only interested in making music hehe, I was interested in getting to know him better.

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, teamwork)

I’ve been recording my upcoming EP in LA and London and it’s going great! I’m producing everything myself so I have the freedom and ability to change or add anything to my songs whenever I want.

As long as I carry my computer and headphones I can work. And I think my new songs are the best thing you’ll listen to this year.

Do you do live Matiss Evreoux ? How does it work? Do you have an agent or contract for turning/booking

I’ll start doing live next year and I’m trying to get an agent! I’ll start with SXSW next year.

What is your next news? Things to come?

My debut EP and a couple music videos.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give a young talent to find one?

I don’t have one, I’m trying to gain a audience independently so I can sign a distribution deal with a big label, I don’t need dumb executives telling me what do with my music.

My advice is, you don’t need a label! Labels suck! Only sing with one if your audience is too big for you to handle independently. Try to go viral on your own!

With the Internet, talents today have a great freedom to make the public discover their works, what are the means / tools you recommend?

TIK TOK and memes have a huge reach these days, I think it’s smart to incorporate those two things into your social media persona.

What do you think of artists who distort their stats by buying views or streaming?

They don’t gain anything from it, it’s not about how many people listen to you, it’s about meaning something to whoever listens to you!

Become famous, an objective or achievement in your opinion?

I definitely wanna live off my music career, so kinda… I don’t really care to have a celebrity status but I definitely wanna have a large audience.

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