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Abi Tucker : Exclusive interview for the release of What the Future Holds



Abi Tucker : Exclusive interview for the release of What the Future Holds

The new single What the Future Holds is now out, check our exclusive inteview from the singer Abi Tucker.

Abi Tucker, Can you tell us about the beginning of your career, an anecdote, something that pushed you to get started?

I just love music!

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, team work)

I wrote the album over several years, kind of like a novel that has many different drafts. I spent a lot of time travelling. I went to New York, Los Angeles and throughout Europe, as well as on the road in Australia. When we took the album in for the final production, we recorded at Electric Avenue Studios in Pyrmont, Sydney with Phil Punch and Jem Hoppe – Smith.

The band are extraordinary musicians, each with their own projects. Julian Curwin , Dave Symes, Stu Hunter, Evan Mannell, these musicians were the core band for the project and then we recorded Julian D Thompson on cello and Ellen Kirkwood, John Hubbard on trumpets and Matt Ottignon on the flute.

The album was mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Studios.

Do you do live shows? How is it going ? Do you have an agent or a booking agency ?

I love live shows, on stage is where I feel most at home. We are launching this album in Sydney on Jan 30th and I can’t wait to do the live show and then I am possibly doing a couple of shows in the UK, France and Germany. I will post dates and details.

Abi Tucker, what is your upcoming news? Things to come?

My next single is a song called, When the Night Sets in. This will be released in November. The album and launch is coming in January 2020, so it’s a really busy time.

I am looking forward to it’s release, it’s really exciting to hear these songs finally back to back and it will be great to perform them at some concerts.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give a young talent to find one?

I have my own label, Kellett Street Records and I am distributing my music through Noisehive. I think that my advise would be simple. Try and find love in what you are doing.

With the Internet, the talents have today a great freedom to make discover their music to the public, what tools can you advise to use ?

I think there is a real independence for artists with the access to the internet. Research is a wonderful thing.

What do you think of artists who fake their stats by buying views or streaming?

I think that if you are looking for a wider audience, you have to work out a way of promoting it. If people genuinely listen and like your music, then I think its a win. If people aren’t hearing the music, then it really isn’t worth what you set out to achieve.

Become famous, a life goal for you?

Doing what I love is important to me. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it is a path that I think we all need to try and abide by.

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