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DZASKO : Interview for the release of Lost in a feeling



DZASKO : Interview for the release of Lost in a feeling

Exclusive Interview of Dzasko for the release of his new song and music video “Lost in a feeling”.

DZASKO, can you tell us about the beginning of your career, an anecdote, something that pushed you to get started?

I’ve started playing around with a Bass guitar and sometimes with my older brother’s acoustic guitar. Just doing some rough recordings on my laptop back in Peru at my parents’ home back when I was 14 years old around 2011.

I had quite a few bands when I was in high school, nothing too serious, after many failed attempts to rehearse together and work on songs, I found that programming instruments just with me and my laptop slowly gravitated in a form of electronic music. Also, I was immersing more and more into the Electronic scene in Peru. I found my way to sneak in clubs with my friends as an underage and talking mostly with DJs and producers.

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, teamwork)

I would say, pretty good. I have all my studio equipment spread all around my apartment. I’m usually always there working on music. But sometimes I take a two-hour drive to the dessert (Joshua Tree) to visit and work at Jordan’s (J. laser) studio.

I work with him a lot, he is and amazing producer and his studio is great, the view from the Live Room into the dessert is just way too beautiful.

Do you do live shows? How is it going? Do you have an agent or a booking agency?

I’m currently working on the live show, setting the right equipment and all that, it will be all ready for January. I don’t have a booking agency at the moment, but I’m open for offers.

What is your upcoming news? Things to come?

I’m currently working on an Album, that I’ll hopefully put out next year. I’m also releasing a 360 live concert next month, played a few songs from the EP and some that I’ve released last year.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give a young talent to find one?

Yes, I’m currently working with my own label, it’s called Phonomatic records.

I don’t think you should be looking for a label, especially at the beginning of your career, you can always put it out by yourself.

With the Internet, the talents have today a great freedom to discover their music to the public, what tools can you advise to use?

Social media probably like 90% of the time, but lately I’ve been diving into some blogs and discovered some great acts, specially from France such as: Papooz, Oracle Sisters, Elodie Gervaise etc. They aren’t that much known here in Los Angeles. Not yet. But I think they will blow up any minute now. Where would we be without Globalization?

Q: What do you think of artists who fake their stats by buying views or streaming?

I think some are really desperate to distinguish themselves in this huge sea of upcoming artists. It looks like they are in a hurry, but it’s a process, takes time, play by play. You are just creating an illusion and I think that is toxic for the artist at the end of the day, you are doing more damage to your yourself and your well-being. I don’t think be “in favor” of the public should be the ultimate thing you’re striving for.

Become famous, a life goal for you?

Growing up in Peru as a kid, I used to fantasize a lot with it. but I’ve realized that most of the time, famous people are unhappy with their “public figure” status, it’s something that just happens, you cannot prepare for it.

I’ve met many people here in Los Angeles that their ultimate goal is ONLY to become famous and it’s something I honestly grew tired of; I’m looking for something more meaningful. You all should watch Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, and you will understand what I’m saying.

With myself, my goal is to keep doing music, have the chance to present it to people that are willing to appreciate the craftsmanship that is being a DIY artist in the 21st century, produce artist for the label, and make ends meet to keep gambling through life.

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