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Paola Peroni : Interview about the release of Don’t You Know

Paola Peroni


Paola Peroni : Interview about the release of Don’t You Know

For the release of the new song Don’t You Know (EPM Motorsport Remix), we got an exclusive interview of Paola Peroni !

Paola Peroni, Can you tell us about the beginning of your career, an anecdote, something that pushed you to get started?

The passion for music was transmitted to me by my father Egidio Peroni who had a turntable when he was young and met withfriends to play and my mom Valeria who loved the piano.

I started like many teenagers listening to music at home, on the radio, buying the first vinyl records and then with my first Technics 1210 Mk2 turntables practicing putting in time two or more songs creating mixes that excited me. I became passionate about the world of DJs listening to the Radio and I learned to play the piano which opened my mind when I started being a producer and writing songs.

How are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, team work)

The idea always comes from an emotion: joy, sadness, light-heartedness or simply the desire to sit and express how I feel through music.

Almost always I start from a melody, maybe a guitar tour or a bass or a melody in my head, then I create the groove and step by step I create the melodic line that I then develop with the singer, sometimes I sing the draft to give the imprint on the singer who then helps me to make it perfect.

Once I find the right voice I proceed with mixing and mastering collaborating with various professionals.

I often share my creatures with DJ friends or musicians and give them the opportunity to remix in order to diversify the product and make it more complete and suitable for different markets.

From there I think of an idea for the cover and Jake thinks about making it.

Then we move on to distribution, often through one of my labels: Intercool Digital or sometimes collaborating with other production companies.

Then comes the promotion to radios, DJs, the release date and then if the production grows we think of a video clip.

All the songs I make are important to me, because they mark a path in my life, whether they become hits or not, every song has an indescribable value.

Do you do live shows? How is it going ? Do you have an agent or a booking agency ?

In the past I have worked with several agencies, now I play as DJ in many Clubs and live DJ sets on Radio, I collaborate with Radio Studiopiu and I often play for Parties around Italy. I also organize events for EPM Motorsport Racing Team where I take care of the musical part for presentations and sporting events.

What is your upcoming news? Things to come?

I lost my father on March 21, 2020, I want to carry on everything he has handed down to me and return to climb the charts in France and in the rest of the world to pay homage to my family, friends and people who have always believed in myself.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give a young talent to find one?

Yes: Intercool Edizioni Musicali Srl is my company, we have various labels including Intercool Digital, Snap & Shake (very strong label in the 90s with productions of my Bacon Popper group) and I collaborate with other labels such as A & R or coordinator of the production.

I advise new talents not to waste time copying a sound that others already make but to create your own style, your own sound, a product that has personality. It takes talent in this job but patience and organization are also very important. Trust your instincts but get advice from those who have more experience to create new synergies and unite entire generations through your songs or your performances as a DJ.

With the Internet, the talents have today a great freedom to make discover their music to the public, what tools can you advise to use ?

I recommend creating networks and synergies through Social Networks which are very important and today it is easier to raise the audience by sharing their productions.

I recommend Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and above all Spotify.

What do you think of artists who fake their stats by buying views or streaming?

It is not nice but often the labels look at how many streams you have or how many fans you have on the platforms, the appearance is important but at the base if you buy fans and then you don’t have an excellent product to offer you end up by the wayside …

Become famous, a life goal for you?

I already had the fame in the 90s, now I want to continue to shine and make those who join my structure shine by believing in me, supporting me and believing in the music and in the beneficial power we have on the universe.

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