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How to become an influencer on Instagram in 10 steps? Léopold Dutrey gives us his advices

Léopold Dutre

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How to become an influencer on Instagram in 10 steps? Léopold Dutrey gives us his advices

I often get this question in my DMs. How do you become an influencer? How do you grow a community? Here some answers !

It’s important to know there is no magic recipe. It’s a lot of work. And it is also a lot of luck. What I can tell you is what worked for me and what I would do if I were you.

Let me be your teacher to become an influencer on social media as Instagram, Youtube or Facebook !

Step one: figure out what you want to share

You can’t share everything. Instagram will always just be one side of you. An image you create. Someone that is you without being totally you. You have to choose what you show, what you hide, and what you disguise to keep control on how you will appear.

Step two: understand who you could share your content with

Who’s going to be interested in your content? Do you want to share your content with them? Yes? Then, how are they? What do they like? How do they behave? What language do they speak? Why will they be interested?

Step three: check out what others do

You have to find your inspirations. Those that you want to become. There are a lot of different types of influencers. Try to understand what your favorite ones do. How they got where they are. You can try connecting with them. Share your passion. Analyze what they do. What works for them. What you could use for yourself.

Step four: create

Take pictures with friends, family or even photographers. Organize shootings. Make sure you have variety. Take your pictures in different settings, with different facial expressions and angles. It’s important to have a stock of pictures for the next steps.

Step five: prepare

Select the pictures you want to post. Make sure they have the right format for Instagram. It’s okay if a good picture does not have its place on Instagram. Look how you can assemble the pictures. In which order you will post them. Pay attention to the colorimetry of your future feed. Make sure you have an interesting Feed mix. You have to seek for variety and harmony at the same time. People want to see diversity and never get bored. But at the same time, they like to understand the pattern and to see an overall coherence. Save your next posts as drafts.

Step six: be consistent

You have to post regularly. The thing is people appreciate routine. They like patterns. In the same way people wait for their favorite TV show, they need to be waiting for your posts. Get them addicted to you, to what you do, what you share. Tease them. That’s how you grow a loyal fan base.

Step six: be active

Be active for the sake of being active. You’ll see with time that you will learn things on your own, develop your own strategies. The more often you post, the sooner you’ll understand what works for you. It’s good training. You’ll also reach more people. If you post twice more in the week, you’ll have the opportunity to reach twice as much people. How active? I would post daily to get it going. You will probably see the first results in 2 months. Hang on.

Step seven: be close to your fanbase

Ask your followers what they like about you. Read, like and reply to their comments in a personal way. Ask them questions in your stories. Answer their questions. Go live and share about your day. Be personal. Create a bond. Remember people follow you for who you are beyond what you post. Think of the personal things you want to share that can be interesting.

Step eight: build your network

You can learn a lot from others. Connect with those that inspire you. Find common ground. Talk to them. Call them. Meet them in real. Make sure those you follow are your network. You don’t need to follow your whole family on your public account.

Step nine: be strategic!

Look at your statistics and identify what works best for you. At what time you should post. Which pictures do your followers enjoy the most? What do you think brought you the most results? Repeat it.

Step ten: Do it for yourself

Don’t let your motivation depend on likes, comments or anything you can’t control. I understand it drives motivation, but it’s important to intrinsically like what you do. You’ll be unhappy if you do it to get approbation. As an influencer, I often ask myself: would I keep doing all of this if no one followed me? And I forge my mindset to answer yes. Beyond interacting and sharing, I love pictures, collecting souvenirs, I would do it for myself anyway. And that’s powerful.

Remember it’s never too early to start but at least this smalls tips should help you have a better start than most. Hope it was helpful! See you on Instagram !!!

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