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9 ways to get fans with Instagram

Get new fans on Instagram

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9 ways to get fans with Instagram

With more than 400 million active members, you can reach new fans using Instagram, here are 9 tips to help you.

Get new fans on Instagram

Millions of people log on every day, several times a day on Instagram. They go to post pictures, but mostly to see the latest photos and videos posted by the accounts they follow, according to their interests: friends, photographers, businesses, celebrities, models, etc …

Throughout its evolution, Instagram has become a lever for bands to manage and expand their fanbase. Here are our 9 tips to win fans with Instagram and develop its digital strategy:

1 – Fill your profile Instagram bio

That’s the first thing you read when you fall on your Instagram account. Be concise and to yourself, not to mention your website.

2 – Treat your photos and vary

Take great pictures if you want to attract the eye of your followers and those to come. This is the basis of Instagram. Also, in order to hang a wider audience, feel free to vary the topics and themes of your photos. Thus, they will appeal to more people.

3 – Use hashtags to get more followers

Hashtags allow you to be found on Instagram. Thus, thousands of people can fall on one of your photos, and your profile and your music. However, use them sparingly because less is more.

4 – Be yourself

As each account in a social network, it must look like you. Or what it feels like, what scares fans. While conversely be yourself attracts people attracted by your personality and originality.

5 – Be close to your followers

Discuss what your best fans say, answer them when they mention you to the maximum. This will only take a short time and they will be very happy – and certainly will talk about them.

6 – Find new ones

Stroll on Instagram and follow accounts that interest you or you look like. It is likely that these people go for a ride on your IG account and enjoy your music.

7 – Post pics from every show

One of the reflexes of your followers from your concerts will check your Instagram account to see if you mentioned your concert the day before. Like every social network, Instagram also serves to show his friends that we made lots of things in life.

If you post a photo or video to each concert, you will be certain that your fans will react and their own followers will hear about it.

8 – Talk to other Instagram groups

Feel free to “networker” with other groups. Your fans love it, the go they listen to you, and it helps to meet or keep in touch with other musicians you enjoy.

9 – Capture the moment

For in Instagram ago “insta” spontaneous stay! Take photos of the moment, without thinking, and show other realities artist’s life: writing, recording, being on the road, see a beautiful landscape, rehearsals … and why not even more personal. To you to set your own editorial.

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