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Can You Trust Social Media Product Reviews ?

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Can You Trust Social Media Product Reviews ?

Social media has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. Originally created as a platform that gives its users the ability to connect with friends and family around the globe, social media has evolved into an entity in its own right.

It is now being used as medium to create awareness of global problems, to promote brands’ products, and its uses seem to be infinite. It affords customers and businesses the ability to communicate and engage with one another on a level previously unattainable.

Many sites offer links such as play top slot games here or check out these top weight loss tips which have direct links to either information or websites. Always make sure it is from a trusted publisher.

There is a brilliant technique being employed by various brands and this is the trusted formula.

TRUST = Authority, Helpfulness and Intimacy over Self Promotion

This is derived by a few simple things. Most people are more likely to trust an expert or leading authority on providing information. So by keeping up-to-date with the latest in research, products or information you are able to hold the clients attention.

It has been shown that being helpful goes a long way in building a trusted relationship and it is no different in the marketplace. People often feel more comfortable and trusting with someone who has previously helped them in some way, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Intimacy cannot be overstated; it’s a common fact that the more you share with someone the closer you feel to that said individual. Brands who engage with their followers over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are more likely to develop a close bond with their client thereby increasing trust.

Self promotion has seen to have negative effects in the online community, just like in the real world nobody likes that guy at the pub who can never stop boasting about himself or that girl that always seems to be looking for attention by only speaking about themselves or how good they are or how much better they are than anyone else. It is no different on the World Wide Web where this behavior is frowned upon. So don’t be too pushy or self absorbed because it seems people are more likely to say things about you on social media platforms than to your face.

A rule of thumb with social media platforms is always taking the information you read with a pinch of salt. Most Americans nowadays seem to get all their information from social media and this has a horrific ripple effect. There are numerous posts of hoaxes, rumors and misleading news topics being published, the frightening thing is how rapidly this sort of fake news can spread on any platform.

It is an impossible job for most of us to go and do research on every little bit of juicy information we read on the web. With tit-nits of truth and relevance mixed in with unspeakable lies, it’s tough for even the most discernible individuals to grasp the true story through the veil of misinformation.

Essentially, if you want truthful unbiased information I suggest you do not use social media platforms as your teacher or source of information. If you do, it is almost guaranteed you will be fed lies and deception with sprinkles of truth to make it more palatable. Take time to do your research on topics and look for links or comments in the feed to get to know more. Most importantly, never follow blindly.

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