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Buying YouTube views on Google Advertising: Should you do it yourself or go through a professional?

Buying YouTube views


Buying YouTube views on Google Advertising: Should you do it yourself or go through a professional?

It’s very easy to buy YouTube views and Google clicks, but mastering the AdWords tools perfectly is still a must.

Do you remember all those websites that tried to sell us on buying YouTube views for a few bucks or even for a few hundreds of dollars? Of course, what they offered were false views, which is a violation of YouTube rules and regulations. Many videos have been disabled since then and YouTube fraud cameras are becoming more and more effective.

What is the risk of buying false YouTube views?

It’s a huge risk! For the past few years, Google has been tracking false views and removing any false views count, remember in 2013, Lady Gaga had seen her views count reduced by more than 176 million views by YouTube for fraud.

Since then, YouTube has taken action by freezing the counter of a video, which means that views will not continue to increase anymore regardless of the activity, and the extreme case is the deactivation of the channel and the removal of all its videos. It is rare to be able to dispute once YouTube has made a decision, so the risk is not worth it.

Buy your views legally on YouTube

Google AdWords is a very powerful tool and is used by tens of thousands advertising agencies throughout the world. Of course, as an independent you may be tempted to launch your campaign yourself. You will get there without any problem, but there is a whole lot more work dealing with optimization, analysis and cost reduction that only a Google certified professional will know to maneuver through.

Here is a concrete example

Suppose, you decide to invest $1,000 of your own funds to buy views for your clip on YouTube.

If you do not master the necessary tools, you can find yourself paying an average of $0.20 to $0.50 per view to obtain only around 2,000 to 5,000 views.

A professional will work in order to optimize, target and adjust your campaign and allow to obtain the lowest possible cost-per-view (CPV). The CPV sometimes reaches as low as $0.05, which would allow you to obtain up to 20,000 views for the same amount paid.

Conclusion: It is best to work with a professional (whose fees usually equate to 15% of the budget spent on YouTube) and allow for full optimization of your campaign, since there is a significant difference between 5,000 and 20,000 views.

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