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YouTube: What are the risks of buying fake views?

buy fake views on youtube


YouTube: What are the risks of buying fake views?

The birth of YouTube viewer sites continues to grow, but a lot of it just sells fake views. What are the risks of buying fake views for YouTube?

buy fake views on youtube

The egocentrism of many artists sometimes pushes to do things completely inconsistent. The desire to have a view counter displaying tens or hundreds of thousands of views has become common for many artists and labels.

Yet the reality is quite different: all these views are fake and bring absolutely nothing to the notoriety and development of the artist.

The purchase of views via Google Adwords, governed by YouTube, is in the form of an auction. That is, there is no fixed cost to buy a view upstream because it works according to supply and demand, at the end of a campaign, an average is made to get a cost per average view.

How do you know if you are buying fake views?

To make it simple if you’ve typed on Google “buy views“, you can be sure that a lot of the sites that appear in the first results only sell fake views generated by robots and servers.

Check if the site on which you are has phone number an address and offices (mailing address). This is a first step to identify a site that sells a real service or if it simply makes money from PayPal and deliver benefits generated by robots.

Second important point: very few or almost no agencies will offer you to buy views with a fixed price as listed above, Google Adwords works with an auction system where there is supply and demand so it is impossible to guarantee views at a fixed price, unless you come across a few companies that will make you pay the high price, for example 0.50 of views, and who will work to optimize your campaign to move on the price.

The third point that could make you doubt, and that often the fraudulent sites sell both views but also comments, subscribers and other wacky products that will allow you to inflate your YouTube profile, still thanks to robots, and yes your notoriety will be false.

You understand you may be able to buy 10,000 or 50,000 views for a few dozen or even hundreds of euros, but in the end, nobody will have seen anything of your video. This may discredit you after media and professionals because in general, this type of action ends up being seen.

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What are the risks of buying fake views for your YouTube video?

You will hear here and there that it is completely legal and you will not risk buying fake views, yet it violates YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Here are some of the penalties that you risk if you do this: The freezing of your view counter: if YouTube realizes the trick, your counter could be frozen and never evolve … If YouTube believes that the deception is too big, you risk the removal of your video, all the statistics and any gains that you could have obtained thanks to your music or video (for example copyright), will not be paid to you and everything will be completely removed for violation of the rules of use on Youtube.

More drastic sanction, the total removal of your YouTube account. If you are used to buying sight or comments, you risk disabling and total deletion of your account. Which implies the loss of all your rights generated, all your statistics and all your subscribers.

Is buying fake sights really worth it?

Obviously not, it is quite understandable to want to go fast and build something but it is better to slowly build a real career than to try to create a fire of straw that will last a few days.

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