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Icona Pop “Next Mistake” : New song and exclusive interview

Icona Pop next mistake


Icona Pop “Next Mistake” : New song and exclusive interview

Icona Pop, the international music star duo released a new song Next Mistake, and gave us an exclusive interview.

Icona Pop, how are your rehearsals and recordings going? (Location, duration, team work)

Everything is going great. We’ve been writing so much music and are recording a bunch of it now at the moment. In a while we will start building our new live set and get all the new music in there. That is such a creative process. Every song deserves a special moment. We have a great team helping us create live what’s going on inside our heads.

We are involved with everything! Everything from what color the lights should be, over all vision, visuals, all the music and so on. Can’t wait for tour again!

Do you do live shows? How is it going ?

We’ve been touring non stop for so many years that we got to a point where we had to stop to make new music to give to our fans. It was hard in the beginning to not be on the road but it’s been great for us to focus on the writing. This past year we’ve mainly been writing in our house in LA where we are building a studio, our little hideaway.

We absolutely love touring. It gives us energy and inspiration. But it’s also hard to find time to write on tour. It’s been so good for us to sit down and reflect, Where are we right now in our life, what do we want to write about and so on. Touring is great for creating memories and situations that we’ve been writing about now.

Do you have an agent or a booking agency ?

We really have the best team and wouldn’t survive without it. In the beginning we used to book things ourselves but that quickly got impossible. Now our team is like a big machine of people we trust … So that we can focus on the music.

What is your upcoming news? Things to come?

After being locked up in a studio we are finally ready to share with the world what we have been up to. We are so excited!!! You can expect a lot of new music from us this year. And then we will start touring the world again and meet all our fans.

Do you have a label? What advice could you give a young talent to find one?

Yes we do have a label. We’ve been trying out different labels, and right now we are with Ultra and TEN and it feels like a perfect match for us.

Our advice is; remember to never give up and be consistent with reminding yourself that every path you chose to take leads you closer to your goal. Even baby steps moves you forward. Work hard and remember to have fun on the journey.

When we found Adis that we’ve been working with for over 10 years now we called and emailed him every week and forced him to come to our show. Haha, he thought we were crazy but he came ☺️.

With the Internet, the talents have today a great freedom to make discover their music to the public, what tools can you advise to use ?

We absolutely love the internet. It feels like the artist have so much more freedom and the people can find new music to listen to everywhere. It’s cool that you can record something in your closet and make it available for the rest of the world in a click. We started by putting up our music on MySpace and a lot of people found us there.

Even the people from the French label Kitsune found us on there and reach out so we released our first single on one of their compilations. MySpace doesn’t exist anymore but there is sooo much other places like for example SoundCloud.

Our music spread like crazy on different music blogs and we are so thankful for that. Also being able to do everything by yourself if u need and want to. You can really see all these amazing artists from every country just popping after they access to internet and different ways of spreading their music.

What do you think of artists who fake their stats by buying views or streaming?

Never understood why you would do that. It doesn’t make sense and well then you are definitely not doing music for the same reason as we are. The feeling of when people all over the world have been listening and streaming your music is beautiful.

That the music that we’ve been creating have been connecting with people out there in there rooms or the dancefloor. Having a hit is a crazy and amazing but if we would know it was fake it would absolutely not be the same. It would only be sad

Become famous, a life goal for you?

Everytime you reach your goal you put up a new one, so sometimes its good to stop and reflect. We are healthy and we’ve been a band for over 10 years and we still feel like its so much fun so to keep on doing what we are doing but infront of more people and new music and to keep on inspiring people that is a life goal.

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