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6 press agents to avoid when you’re a young artist

press agents to avoid

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6 press agents to avoid when you’re a young artist

At a time where communication is important, it’s vital for an artist to choose the person who will handle the relationship between him and the medias.

Somewhere recruit a press officer asks to be as careful and cautious than hire a nanny to her first child, because you give him a very important mission for both you and your baby – in this case the your career .

The five press officers we advise you to avoid at all costs when you start in music.

1 – Whoever promises bells and whistles

If one ensures an incredible media coverage, flee! It will be nice to have the most contact book provided the country, there is no guarantee that you will make articles in major musical and cultural magazines.

Regardless of his talent, its customers, its network or its patter, you just can not promise anything in this business. All we can do is present an artist or group to the media at its best, with the best strategy, and hope the hook release.

2 – exceeded PR guy

You may come across an old hand-press relations. Nevertheless, if it has no Twitter, no more than 200 likes on Facebook, never mounted YouTube channel and has never heard of Snapchat … Drop! It is useless to engage with someone who will handle your comm if he does not know how people communicate today!

3 – The asshole PR

In the art world, often it seems that it takes a big con to succeed. But this is wrong. When working with someone, it is important to feel totally comfortable with her, to confide, know that you can apply for appointment or advice without asking any question … And if you do feel not good with it, there are chances that journalists either. You win on all fronts to recruit someone you enjoy.

4 – Whoever you said “yes” without even hearing your music

Is it not important that your press secretary know your music to better present and “sell”? Beyond this, he must know you and that you understand to represent you best. Or what journalists that press officers encounter every day, will not trust him – and it is you who pâtirez.

5 – The PR working in record company

Maybe will he the person you dreamed to hire to represent you to the press after reading his resume. However, this does not mean that it is the person for you.

Firstly because managing communication of a known group has nothing to do with to gain notoriety a young artist or group. And then there is someone who will work best for you in priority than someone for whom you are a customer more. Because at the end of the day, it will be for him as a business then that is your art and your career is at stake here.

6 – He who pretends to be behind the success of the artist #FAKE ATTITUDE!

It has a beautiful plate but in fact it merely passes the dish! Always ask the Press his real mission on the mentioned artists! bBeaucoup plays confuses without giving any detail! radio ? TV ? press ? Web? Often they are not the cause of the success they are there by chance ….

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